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Certificates and licences.

Our enterprise possesses the complete package of documents necessary for implementation of building and installation works, performing trading activity.

Licence on performance of building works.

Licence on performance of building works

Heightened danger work permit.

The company "Intermolprom" can carry out particularly dangerous works, such as:

  • welding, gas-flame, building-up welding, evaporation and plumbing works; control of weld seams;
  • works with usage of hand-operated, electric and pneumatic machines and tools;
  • works with hazardous substances and inert gases;
  • storage, usage of bombs, containers, cisterns and other capacities with pressurized, liquefied, harmful, explosive and inert gases, their filling, bleeding and repair; maintenance of rounding, stamping and knotting machines;
  • usage of sand blasters;
  • checkup, testing, installation, adjustment, repair, updating, operation and expert inspection (technical diagnosis) of machines, equipment of the increased danger (on the set list) and their elements, examination on a labour and industrial safety protection;
  • steeplejack works, works on high with carrier cradles, motor hoists and automotive stairs;
  • works in operating electric installation;

Heightened danger work permit

Safety engineering.

Special attention is paid to the observance of rules and requirements of safety engineering. In 2008 and 2009 the company "Intermolprom" took premier place in district competition on work safety among the enterprises, establishments and organizations of the district with a quantity of workers to one hundred persons.


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