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The partners of the company "Intermolprom".

For years of work our company established close cooperation with a wide circle of partners.
GEA TuchenhagenGEA Tuchenhagen
	VzduchotorgVzduchotorg (Slovakia);
TenezАО "Tenez" (Czech Republic);
SlavutichLLC "Slavutich" (Russia);
BrestmashOJSC "Brestmash" (Belarus);
Milkiland-UkraineCompany "Milkiland-Ukraine"
GalichinaZAO "Galichina";
Wimm-Bill-DannCompany "Wimm-Bill-Dann";
Cheese ClubCheese Club Corporation;
and many other domestic and foreign enterprises.

Our crowning achievement is the trust of our partners!

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Chernigov, 14000
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